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My name is Allison P. Couch and I'm a certified weirdo.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and I have always been an independent individual. My childhood had me involved in dance and soccer, but neither stuck after the soccer kids got big and scary (and I remained 5'3") and my dance studio made everyone my age and older take ballet; I thought "ballet was for babies." I also tried basketball, baking, competitive cheerleading, collecting PEZ dispensers and acting; none of them seemed to be my thing. 


During high school I played trumpet, french horn and mellophone in my high school's marching band. My senior year, I was selected to be my band's Morale Officer, meaning I was essentially chosen to be the energetic, enthusiastic hype-man for the 350-person band. That's all you really need to know about me to know my personality.

Currently, when I'm not looking for job applications in this post-graduation haze I'm in, I'm busy living my life unapologetically myself. While I was a student at Florida State, I was involved in WVFS 89.7FM (FSU's on-campus radio station), Film Committee at the Student Life Cinema (FSU's on-campus movie theater), Entertainment For Change (a collegiate arts competition to inspire social change) and the Capital City Student Chapter of Florida PR Association, in addition to being in the Florida State University honors program and Honors Student Association. I did graduate Magna Cum Laude in May 2017. I was awarded "Best Website: Marketing" with the College of Communication and Information and I proudly boast to my colleagues that I have sick business cards (designed with graphic design knowledge learned in DIG3003, Basics of Graphic Design). I encourage you to ask for one. They are in fact very cool.

My more important awards and honors, though, include being the most improved member of the West Orange High School Freshman Jazz Band and Lakeview Middle School's Best Personality Girl (see left).

Growing up in Orlando, I essentially lived at the theme parks; I am a roller coaster fiend. Ironically enough, my biggest fear is mascots and mascot outfits, so you know that threw in a few complications during my childhood and adolescence all the way into my early 20s. After turning 16, I started working summers at SeaWorld Orlando. This summer job ended up turning into a passion for the theme park industry. I was a ride operator because I loved interacting with new people every day and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to work because of it.  My proudest moment was putting my last name on my name tag. I hold on tightly to that name tag to this day.

I am certified in CPR and am working on my AdWords certification. I am also a licensed LegoLand Florida Driver. I am passionate about defeating the stigmas associated with mental health disorders and the fair treatment of America's elderly citizens. 


And to answer your question: yes I was a Girl Scout. I started as a Brownie scout and ended as a Junior level scout. I managed to collect a lot of the Girl Scout badges seen in the "Work" section of my website. At my prime, I was the number one cookie sales-scout in the entire Citrus Council -- how about that for being impressive.



Since I can I remember, I have always striven to be unique and uncommon; a combination of traits, stories and experiences unlike any other. That alongside my great drive to succeed and do my best in all I do has helped me take advantage of opportunities I might have never gotten to experience. If you're looking for someone who will be genuine and unwaveringly authentic, I'm your girl.